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Effective Communication Skills are Vital to Leadership and Business Success


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Karen DiGeorgio, a seasoned communication-skills coach, specializes in aiding foreign-born professionals. With 30 years' experience, she's worked with tech, science, and business leaders, enhancing their communication for careers and companies. She addresses language, pronunciation, voice, and various communication issues. Karen coaches on leadership, presentations, and writing, uniquely blending training, intercultural expertise, and learning styles insight.

Karen has worked with several J&J companies, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sterling Drug, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, NRG, and McGraw-Hill among others. Her approach focuses on immediate communication needs, like live presentations and document refinement. Karen is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is licensed by the states of NJ and PA.

Karen DiGeorgio M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

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Enhancing Your Communication Skills to Help You Connect

Accent Reduction

Talented foreign-born employees’ ability to sell valuable ideas and effectively lead their teams is the goal.

Business Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are vital to leadership and business success.

Writing Skills

Good writing skills are essential from early grade school through and into the business world. Our intellect is often incorrectly judged by our writing.

Individualized Services

Every client needs individual attention, which is why we will always work one-on-one. To ensure you get the attention you deserve.


What My Clients Say

Take a look at a few of my happy clients. Though I have worked with hundreds of individuals over the past 30 years, these are a few of my favorites. Click below to see more.

I, too, have enjoyed your coaching and the work together so much.  I have benefited so much from your coaching.  One thing has stood out was your help my understanding of American culture, and helped me to also take a more systematic analytical approach.   Another is the presentation preparation about connecting with the audience and the tangible results.  Personally, you have been a good resource about the connectivity.

As to the feedback on the communication lessons, here are a few things that are most valuable to me and had made impacts on my career and personal life: 

  • Handling difficulty communication with emotion control (scenario exercises) – those exercises reinforced the things learned during the lesson
  • Communicate things in a positive way – in this way, people feel I want to help them, not turn them away
  • Identify key players who can influence upper management – those key players made big impacts on my performance review
  • Thinking from different perspective/put yourself in the other’s shoes – it helps me to understand the intention of the others, not to be personal
  • Be a good listener/effective listening with understanding during a conversation – keep the communication more open, let people feel I care about them
  • Building your personal brand/image – I built my personal brand as “excellent surgeon with good interpersonal skills, can always rely on producing high quality work…..”

The key example that comes to mind is: Improved due diligence in preparing and conducting research presentations in a clear and concise manner.

I have been doing well since your class. Lots of changes were happened in XXX Co. and people moved in and out. I am still here doing my job. I found myself more capable to deal the relationship with my colleagues, bosses, spouse and family members than I was with knowing what to do learnt from you. I have not run into any major relationship crisis or conflict lately.  I feel it is very critical and help me with those skills such as  listening and open communication.

Karen, I want to thank you again for your help and it really benefits for my professional development and my personal life.  

 Working with you was great for several reasons but I believe that preparation of presentations was the a very valuable learning that I utilize until now: making sure everything is connected, knowing the audience, clearly establishing objectives etc…

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