Business Communication Skills

Business Communication

Effective communication skills are vital to leadership and business success.

Prior to coaching on one or more of the following Business Communication Skills, a tailored 360 Evaluation is offered. ┬áThis evaluation involves feedback from five key associates that the client communicates with on a regular basis, the client’s manager, and the client himself/herself.

  • Presentation
    • Presenting information is vital in business. Making a powerful presentation involves knowing your audience; effectively organizing your materials; transitioning between slides, ideas, and parts of your presentation; using and reading nonverbals, and learning to present your information in a powerful way. Turn stress into stimulus.
      • Coaching is offered in technical, strategic, managerial, and inspirational presentations all of which require a different approach.
  • Leadership Communication
    • Emotional intelligence; leadership presence; speaking like a leader; thinking on your feet; communicating/ managing up, down, and laterally; selling your ideas; using and reading nonverbal.
  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Active listening; appropriate assertiveness, conflict management, accepting and providing feedback, understanding your style and others’ styles, emotional intelligence, and understanding backup behavior.
  • Voice Improvement
    • A clear, well-projected, and resonant voice is desired for effective business communication.
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