Individualized Services

My 360 Process and How I Individualize Coaching to Client’s Communication Needs

For an Accented Client

My process consists of one or many of the following elements depending on the initial consultation with the client and the client’s sponsor.

  • Systematic pronunciation evaluation which contrasts accented speech patterns with standard American unaccented speech in areas of speech sounds, grammar, vocabulary development, and cultural communication variations. This is done using standardized evaluation tools, client input, and conversation.
  • Evaluation of a previously given presentation and slides.
  • 360 feedback from colleagues, supervisor, clients, etc. gathered on perception of speaking, writing, presentations, and interpersonal skills, such as listening and handling conflict. An in-depth questionnaire is used and is filled out by four to six colleagues that the client speaks with on a regular basis.  If necessary, one-on-one interviews are held.
  • Review of written documents
  • Consultation with the individual’s supervisor

Findings are summarized in a detailed report and reviewed with the client. An individualized communication plan is developed as a result of the diagnostic evaluation; it is also reviewed with the client. A typical plan consists of 16 weekly two-hour one-on-one coaching sessions with emphasis on one or several parameters depending on need.

Non-accented Clients

My process and the length of the engagement varies based on need.
These clients typically engage me for one or more of the following needs:

  • Cultural and/or Interpersonal Communication
  • Writing
  • Presentation

Click here to see examples of exercises used.

Features of my Individualized Approach for All Clients:

  • Each session and homework assignment is individually tailored to the client’s needs, maximizing learning and maintaining motivation. Lessons are structured to address current communication issues the client is facing to maximize learning transfer.  For example, helping a client edit an important memo they are writing or preparing for an important presentation they are working on.
  • The consultant is available by phone to answer questions and clarify points between sessions.
  • Periodic contact with the client’s supervisor and stakeholders as necessary to ensure appropriate progression of skill acquisition in the workplace.
  • A mid-point review is done with stakeholders to ensure progress is being made and focus continues to be on the right learning objectives.
  • A maintenance program is highly suggested to ensure that newly learned skills are being maintained and generalized in the workplace and that the individual has the necessary tools available to continue further self-study, if desired.
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